Day: September 13, 2018

Comparison of Low and Medium Pressure UV

DESTRUCTION OF PATHOGENS (Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoan Cysts): Both Conventional (low pressure) and Medium pressure UV will assist chlorine in disinfection including the destruction of all bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts on a single pass. DESTRUCTION OF CHLORAMINES: Monochloramine (NH2Cl), Dichloramine (NHCl2), and Nitrogen Trichloride (NCl3) are the products of nitrogen introduction from bather waste forming …

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Ozone Destruction

Sentry UV’s line of 254 nm wavelength low-pressure lamps may be used to effectively destroy residual ozone in a water treatment. As ozone destruction requires a larger dose of UV compared to standard UV disinfection applications, it is recommended that the each system be professionally sized by a member of our technical staff. We offer …

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UV Disinfection

Sentry UV, Inc offers the most reliable and efficient UV technology available for destroying or neutralizing microorganisms in water and air-borne chemicals. With systems ranging from 75gpm gallons per minute to millions gallons per day, we offer a product line to suit your needs. Sentry UV disinfection product offerings meet or exceed FDA and NSF …

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