UV Disinfection

Sentry UV, Inc offers the most reliable and efficient UV technology available for destroying or neutralizing microorganisms in water and air-borne chemicals. With systems ranging from 75gpm gallons per minute to millions gallons per day, we offer a product line to suit your needs.

Sentry UV disinfection product offerings meet or exceed FDA and NSF regulatory requirements, including current . We only use the highest quality stainless steel, the most efficient quartz sleeves, Viton® gaskets, and surface finishes.

Each of our units utilizes low pressure amalgam lamps for the maximum UV output per kilowatt. Using our reflective technology and a NIST-traceable UV Intensity Monitor, we provide our clients dosage assurance so your disinfection requirements can be reliably met.

Sentry UV technology is compliant with NSF-Standard 50 for
pools/spas and is recognized by NSF as a reliable treatment technology for inactivating
the deadly cryptosporidium protozoa.

For more information, contact Sentry UV today. Call our toll free number: 866-226-0820 or 800-536-8180

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