SAG240A Pro Series Max Flow 120 gpm

This new reactor design allows the best benefit ever with our newly designed multiple wave length lamps that will outperform MP by 30% at maximum 254nm. And 185nm in water temps up to 104 degrees F. Advanced 185nm for oxidation and much better water quality.

Designed to treat single pass flows up to 172,800 gallons per day. The SAG240A can effectively disinfect water for drinking, pools, larger spas, small sewage/Gray Water treatment, recovery water, irrigation water, fracking water, farm wells and wells with coliforms and many other commercial applications.  

The SAG240A uses low pressure high output Amalgam lamp technology to achieve a 4 log reduction for Crytosporidum and other similar pathogens in water. The SAG240A is designed with a unique patented double sleeve seal quick disconnect that allows for easy access to lamps and sleeves while taking up very limited space as an in-line system. This provides a significant advantage for those applications where there is limited space. The SAG240A easily retrofits most any application. Vertical mount with auto bleed system or horizontally and we offer this system in U and Z configuration for easier installs.

The SAG240A also offers additional killing power due to the highly polished (reflective) interior wall of the reactor. A science we have used for 20 plus years. This new reactor design allows the best benefit ever with our newly designed multiple wave length lamps that will perform at maximum 254nm and 185nm in water temps up to 104 degrees F. These new lamps out last regular low pressure lamps by 4000 hours and medium pressure lamps by 7000 hours. Also, puts out 30% more 254nm and cost much less than medium pressure systems.

There is no need for expensive automated wipers on our SAG240A as our Patented Quick Disconnect allows access and inspection to sleeves in seconds for complete and thorough cleaning and even wiping several sleeves in just minutes. Have peace of mind knowing that the sleeves are actually clean and are in good shape. Cost much less than medium pressure, longer lasting and better built than low cost PVC systems. The SAG240A is designed and built to work in freshwater and saltwater, pools, fracking water, low-flow sewage/Gray Water, fountains, spas, ponds, zoos, aquariums, and many other applications.

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Technical Specifications:

  • Watts 240
  • Liner > 316-L stainless steel
  • Flow Rate (gpm) > ~120 gallons per minute
  • Flow Rate (daily) > 172,800 gallons per day
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