Comparison of Low and Medium Pressure UV

DESTRUCTION OF PATHOGENS (Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoan Cysts): Both Conventional (low pressure) and Medium pressure UV will assist chlorine in disinfection including the destruction of all bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts on a single pass. DESTRUCTION OF CHLORAMINES: Monochloramine (NH2Cl), Dichloramine (NHCl2), and Nitrogen Trichloride (NCl3) are the products of nitrogen introduction from bather waste forming …

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Ozone Destruction

Sentry UV’s line of 254 nm wavelength low-pressure lamps may be used to effectively destroy residual ozone in a water treatment. As ozone destruction requires a larger dose of UV compared to standard UV disinfection applications, it is recommended that the each system be professionally sized by a member of our technical staff. We offer …

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UV Disinfection

Sentry UV, Inc offers the most reliable and efficient UV technology available for destroying or neutralizing microorganisms in water and air-borne chemicals. With systems ranging from 75gpm gallons per minute to millions gallons per day, we offer a product line to suit your needs. Sentry UV disinfection product offerings meet or exceed FDA and NSF …

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SENTRY UV’s Introduction to Air Sterilization

Information on ultraviolet lighting for coil cleaning can be found in a recently published article in Engineered Systems magazine and this article written by Roy Underwood with Sentry Ultraviolet, Inc.  Briefly, ultraviolet radiation in the “C” wavelength range (UVC) has been used to irradiate dirty air handling system components to deactivate microorganisms on the coils …

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Sentry Ultraviolet Light Systems Clean Up Chloramines in Public Swimming Pools

Kill Pathogens Such as Cryptosporidium and E-coli on Contact to Combat Increased Illness Outbreaks   Norcross, GA May 24, 2017 – A report this week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) citing a two-fold increase in cryptosporidium, more simply known as “crypto,” outbreaks points to the need for Ultraviolet lights to enhance …

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